Evening Lake

Evening Lake Original painting on stretched canvas 18x36in AVAILABLE | contact  https://www.maureeneclarkart.com/contact

The Marina!

‘Hoover Marina’  |  48″ x 60″ x 2″  |  Available @Maureen E Clark Art Vibrant waterfront in the Midwest, alive with activity and relaxation.  

“Dancing Mimi”

ORIGINAL ACRYLIC PAINTING/ COLUMBUS COLLECTION 24×24 SOLD- Private Collector Dublin, Ohio, United States PRINTS AVAILABLE @  http://www.maureeneclarkart.com Description:  A winters dance to warm your bones, while on a trail of shimmering snow.

Adirondacks (upstate New York)

(from left to right) Paddle-boarding & Kayak sunset adventures on Big Moose Lake, Adirondack State Park.  Relaxing in the mountains with no cell reception, television, radio, or emergency sirens.  I love to rediscover the joys of simply living slowly. (http://visitadirondacks.com/) After a day hike, relaxing on the floating dock looking through the circle into the sky, and lost…