Urban Garden 5

The end of summers lavender and white blooms, as fall enters the air on a crisp calm evening. 16″ x 16″ | available at maureeneclark.art@gmail.com  

Urban Garden 3

Peak into the little sidewalk garden, while strolling down the city street. Lavender Hydrangeas bloom up to greet you with a soft calm song. ‘Urban Garden 3’ 16″ X 16″ x3″ SOLD  

Paintings Inspired by Land & Sea

  Now on Exhibit at Barcelona in German Village, throughout August.  All paintings are available and for sale, please contact Maureen to purchase.

Urban Gardens

I have started a new mini collection of urban garden paintings and this is from German Village in Columbus, Ohio. Usually I paint the sides of the canvas one color to frame, but these will have the painting continue around the sides. “Urban Garden 1″ 16″ x 16″ x 3” Original Acrylic Painting SOLD As…

Upcoming Events!

Grandview Hop Saturday, July 25th 5pm- 9pm Grandview Avenue, 1st Ave & 5th Ave Hop along this street market in downtown Grandview while enjoying live music, local artisans and merchants, wonderful cuisine, & pop-up shops.  Maureen E Clark Art will be displaying original artwork and prints, available for purchase on site,  All forms of payment…

Urban Jungle Philadelphia

What a lovely evening spent with wonderful people during 2nd Saturday. My Philadelphia Collection is on display and for sale off of Passyunk Avenue in South Philly. The beloved staff of Urban Jungle could not be more accommodating, helpful and loving. My cup does run over with all the positive good vibes and heart I…

‘Urban Oasis’

Original Acrylic Painting/ New piece in Philadelphia Collection 24×24 SOLD- PRIVATE COLLECTOR Granville, Ohio, United states PRINTS AVAILABLE @ http://www.maureeneclarkart.com Description: In this new painting I recreated my apartments back garden in South Philly off of Dickinson Street, near Passyunk Square. The ‘morning glories’ are alive; blooming flowers of magenta’s, violets and blues. The young sun is…

Completed Work

Late last night into early this morning my urban jungle oasis came to be. The ‘morning glories’ are alive; blooming flowers of magentas, violets and blues. The young sun is cool and strong while inviting a long summers day. The wind carries sounds of a city awakening in this moment of silence and calm before…

Painting Tuesday

My urban jungle is beginning to come to life. My tiny oasis in the city.

Small Details

Friday night was spent working on my urban jungle. Do you notice the subtle changes. I am in love with this painting!

This Week in Studio

Part One It took a while to get inspired this week. However, I am completely satisfied with the direction my emotions have focused my art.