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(from left to right)

  • The town of Kinsale in County Cork. I painted this ten years ago and it is now hanging in a home in Dublin, Ohio. Home of the largest Irish festival in the Country. (
  • Ha’Penny Bridge in Dublin. Named after the English currency of a half penny, anyone crossing the bridge had to pay a half penny to use the bridge to cross the river Liffey. (
  • Bantry Bay in County Cork. I stopped into a pub along my travels through Bantry Bay and ordered the seafood chowder (I lived off of this stuff while I backpacked the country) and it was amazing! I will have to do more research some day…yummy! (




Adirondacks (upstate New York)

(from left to right)

  • Paddle-boarding & Kayak sunset adventures on Big Moose Lake, Adirondack State Park.  Relaxing in the mountains with no cell reception, television, radio, or emergency sirens.  I love to rediscover the joys of simply living slowly. (

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(from left to right)

  • Magic Gardens mosaic mural by artist Isaiah Zagar.  I took this photo in passing along one of my many walks through Philly’s famous street, South Street.  (
  • I took a stroll off Passyunk Square during spring time and had to capture the image of petals drizzled along my walk.  It looked like the sidewalk was painted pink.  It was lovely!  (
  • Sunset atop the Rocky Stairs outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  This was my favorite place along my daily route, to look out to the city.  (


Clark and O'Donnell Roadtrip 2012 1150 Clark and O'Donnell Roadtrip 2012 1110 Clark and O'Donnell Roadtrip 2012 950


(from left to right)

  • My absolute favorite place is Savannah, Georgia.  The Spanish moss is amazing and I love the shadows they play in the sunshine.  If you go stop into Kevin Barry’s Pub for a bite and pint on the riverfront. (
  • Tybee Island is a little off of Georgia. I could not resist taking a photo of the seagull army storming the beach. I suggest renting a bike to travel along the hard sand. (





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  1. kutukamus says:

    Hi Maureen. Really nice images here. All good, I mean it.
    But I notice you save this as ‘a page’, why? I really recommend saving this as ‘posts’ (not just one), so it will be easier for chance visitors to find your blog. Cheers! 🙂


    1. I had not thought of using posts? That is absolutely brilliant! Thank you the observation (:


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