“Flowers & Mason Jar 4”



11X14, CANVAS PANEL, $250


Athens, Ohio, United States

PRINTS AVAILABLE @ http://www.maureeneclarkart.com

Description: The purple hyacinth, a flower named from Ancient Greek legend by the sun god Apollo. On this 4th day of February we celebrate World Cancer Day. A day established to raise cancer awareness, education, prevention and care. This lovely flower symbolizes sorrow and loss; dedicated to those currently fighting, those who lost the fight and the ones left behind. Purple hyacinth also represents rebirth and is celebrated in the Persian New Year during the spring equinox. Therefore, I chose to paint this piece to celebrate the life of all those affected by the disease. To share hope and a bit of beauty to lighten the journey wherever it may lead.

One Comment Add yours

  1. billy says:

    Hey Maureen, I wonder if this flower has any representation to the Purple Heart your uncle Jimmy rec’d for his sacrifice in Viet Nam


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