Creativity shut in, bottled in the fear. Growing, flowing, away from reason and confidence. Settle this mind in thoughts of doubt. Rest easy in self satisfaction: or in the knowledge of internal wisdom. Let negativity rub off the layers of soft armored skin, wash in the shimmering freshness that opportunity brings. During a winter of summer, let the fall shed past darkness to light and watch as cool rains cleanse the blackened ink stains of hate and anger till glowing white with health and exuberance. A year of thoughtful interpretations turns to strength and character. The playwrights’ famine ends, followed by a mysterious new Act. Excitement, adventure and sound acknowledgement will cover the pages riddled with all the mischievous tickled pleasures of life lived. Oh, welcome this time, this insight, this softness and calm. As the world spins twirling and changing, I shall move slowly and deliberate to see what I may. 

Imported Photos 00782

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