‘Urban Oasis’

07_clark_urban oasis_2014 (W)

Original Acrylic Painting/ New piece in Philadelphia Collection
Granville, Ohio, United states
PRINTS AVAILABLE @ http://www.maureeneclarkart.com

Description: In this new painting I recreated my apartments back garden in South Philly off of Dickinson Street, near Passyunk Square. The ‘morning glories’ are alive; blooming flowers of magenta’s, violets and blues. The young sun is cool and strong while inviting a long summers day. The wind carries sounds of a city awakening in this moment of silence and calm before the day. Sipping the mornings coffee while visualizing the journey ahead in this new exploration. I must leave but for a blink little concrete garden oasis. I have many miles to go and many adventures yet to discover…

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