Oh, Traveler!

We are given much time with which to use as we wish. We could become the customized prediction our predecessors groomed. Or break from the traditional and become an oddity or the black sheep. When what we desire is smothered with perceptions put into place by those who state that your nature is not your path. Who can make that road for you? You are the one who must walk it or run it when needed. You navigate around the large stones and the ditches you avoid. You lift the branches that have fallen in your path. So why should others choose your path? Their path will certainly be riddled with stones and rubbish as well, it will be challenging and difficult to go. You may not make it! Either you have been stopped or you will stop this journey of your own free will. The path of your nature and the road you would like to take is before you. The obstacles look adventurous and you know that you can overcome them. All you must do is choose this journey. You will not get help from any others when you have fallen in that deep ditch but be still. Hands will reach in to pull you out. Human nature dictates that there will always be help when you are willing to receive it. And will you not be more willing to accept that help while traveling your own road. With no bitterness or blame for the fall. You know that you have made this choice and you must be the one to pull yourself through the hard and troublesome storms. Sometime along your journey another may choose to join you and you must carry them on your back temporarily. Because just like you could not walk theirs, they cannot walk yours. You must help them, till they can walk on their own. But even then, hold out your hand and guide them. They may tumble and trip, but you will be there to keep them upright and sound. It is always harder to walk a road not your own. Find your path weary traveler…

Clark and O'Donnell Roadtrip 2012 978

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