Springtime in Philly

I awoke to a sun shining morning.  Time took an hour and replaced it with spring.  Through my over-sized, street facing bedroom window, light wakes me from my Sunday mornings dreams.  I blink the haze of slumber slowly beyond and become aware of the environment from which I awoke in.  The golden teal sky beckons me beyond electrical wires and row houses.  My mind wanders to this day of possibilities, into this inviting sky beyond the city, limitless.  As I float among my ever changing imagination the world grounds me effortlessly into the present reality and I awake.

The day is warm and I imagine the scent of tulip in the breeze along side an ever persistent strange burned fragrance.  The rebirth and newness of spring is in my soul.  I walk along the city’s sidewalk of south Philadelphia among litter and decay.  With my head on the ground I suddenly tilt up to catch the sun.  As a breeze passes I breathe the toxic stench of foul death.  A homeless man is relieving a pressing bladder and as I narrowly avoid the trail, I place my eyes to the street.  Wind whistles past my ear through untamed whipping auburn locks.  As if time has slowed to keep this moment the sidewalks trash before me circles and spins as tumbleweed through out the streets.  For me the city is silent, an orchestra of sights composed as I wander. As in nature, altered effortlessly and abruptly.  All is calm in this chaos.  The rhythm moves to the earths hum.  My symphony skips as angered patrons pass by.  Head down, this city’s sounds deafening my mind, numbing judgments.

A hardened pace quickens to my doorstep.  I hasten to find my solace.  I sleep to dream and wake to meander the illusions, the expressions of clarity with an open soul and being. Seeking balance. Never closed, without jade and defense. As an infant; trusting, sublime. Trusting wisdom, following forgiveness, complete in content…

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