‘South Philly’

01_clark_south philly_2014 (W)

Original Mixed Media Painting
16×20, 20×20, 18×24
ORIGINAL AND PRINTS AVAILABLE @ http://www.maureeneclarkart.com

Description: This piece signifies my own blinded intuition. As well as the existence of inward awareness, which is forced outward. It is the altered perception of raw human truths. Under a false passion misplaced and unsatisfied, buried and hungry. A fragmented path to free the mind of past restrictions. To break away from judgment, the path becomes an exploration into depths of maddening reality.  Layers of tobacco and ash; shaved charcoal, oils: Black varnish and poly. There is dripping, thick mixes of ash and tobacco; charcoal and earth,  acrylics and oils. While working I had a  faded consciousness, while still resuming cognitive function. This piece took many months to form and finish. The canvas carries life and emotion.  With in this piece holds the angst of weight, and every layer or stroke holds the depth of a lost ignorance.

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