About Me?

I communicate horribly but I do quite well through my art. It is incredibly difficult for me to express myself. In my brain I make a eloquent soliloquy. Once my lips have parted all is lost and I am met with blank stares. Needless to say I am a visual learner and diagnosed a visual ‘genius’. Regardless of all that jazz, imagination and daydreaming are a constant daily practice of mine. As it should be for everyone!  Creativity is something I simply cannot do without.  Since birth I have created and immersed myself in all kinds of art. From pottery to sculpture. Jewelry making to fashion design. There is no part of the arts that does not intrigue me.

When college came around I was terrified of becoming a starving artist. So I studied Graphic Communications, Multi-Media,  and Audio/ Video Production at Columbus State Community College. Graphics developed my adoration for photography and fine tuned my artists eye.

In 2006, after thanksgiving dinner and a few glasses of wine I bought a solo ticket to Ireland. I spent two weeks backpacking in the North and South. This is the moment I discovered my love of travel, I got the bug and it follows me EVERYWHERE!

I have spent my twenty and thirties traveling and working a mix of jobs. I have been a landscaper, commercial painter, a daycare teacher, a bus driver, as well as an administrative assistant for a Beauty Institute. I have also spent several years traveling the states as a gypsy, selling Celtic clothing at Irish festivals nationwide. Several years I worked as a clerk in the Domestic Court filing divorces and civil protection orders. I have been an on and off again Electrician, because I enjoy the trade so much. I worked with a fantastic group of individuals in Philly at a urban gardening storefront, that specialized in vertical garden installments. A common theme throughout has been the restaurant business as a server, bartender and wine sales.

I have mischievously stolen a fantastic quote, “Do something you love, and you never work a day in your life!” .  I have decided to do just that. I will no longer substitute my soul for monetary materialistic gain. Or sacrifice my potential for societal restrictions or ridiculousness. Therefore, I do hope you enjoy my visions and views. If not, no worries, thanks for stopping in.  If you decide to stay for a bit, please leave comments or questions. This page is an open forum to express without boundaries, let it out!


More about ME!?

I am a self- taught artist, so what?  It is all of my being! Art is expression; reflection. My works, I feel are never quite completed, because I am not. I paint my life and journey, these perceptions are constantly changing and evolving, therefore so is my art. I believe that in order to see the reality of life, you must try to understand it. Awakening true insight into the souls of our existence. Allowing understanding to our own nature, our daily impression extended out onto the world. My intent is to evoke reflection within ourselves and our perception of the world around us. Within every piece is an awareness, an intuition. Among  a playful curiosity, with wishful dreaminess for positive hope.

Presently exhibiting works in the Short North, Downtown Columbus. Displaying works created out of my studio space, 400 Studios in Franklinton. I could live off of cheese, chocolate and wine forever. I enjoy sarcasm and a true blissful laugh, the one that causes tears. Cheers!



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